“You’re too old to dress like a 20-year-old,” an online user stated about Cher’s revealing outfits in her 70s.

Cher has received sheer criticism for her looks and revealing dressing style at her age.

Cher at 77: She seems unstoppable and has responded to her critics by sharing sizzling new body shots.

Despite her age, countless fans worldwide love and praise her, and she was even admired by her ex-boyfriend, who’s 40 years her junior.

Born on May 20, 1946, in El Centro, California, Cherliyn Sarkisian, most popularly known as “Cher,” is an American musician, actress, and TV personality. She has come a long way, from being a teenage pop sensation to cementing her name as a Hollywood legend.

Cher has ruled the pop music arena for a very long time. Despite being in an industry thriving on fierce and cut-throat competition, she’s one of the few singers who have stayed relevant and maintained a constant presence for almost 60 years.

SANTA MONICA – AUGUST 9: Entertainer Cher attends the Rock Music Awards at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on August 9 1975 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

The “Strong Enough” star is a powerhouse of talent and is not just known for her singing prowess but also her looks and dressing sense. There have been countless occasions where she’s put her versatility and unique style on full display, baffling fans and colleagues alike.

Her choice of seemingly inappropriate outfits has kept her in the spotlight for years.
Cher knows how to steal the show with her beautiful voice, and her extravagant and eccentric outfit choices have helped her stay in the limelight. She’s said to have encouraged generations of artists how to establish their firm footing in the music space.

Over the years, the “Goddess of Pop” has been known to jump from one medium to another. She’s not only enjoyed making music but has also dabbled in hosting television shows; however, her ability to draw attention to whatever she does makes her stand out from the crowd.

Cher’s secret to mesmerizing the audience doesn’t just lie in her magical stage performances but also in her dazzling dress choices. She knows how to weave magic and hold her fans in a trance—something many entertainers only dream of achieving all their lives.

In addition to her phenomenal music, Cher is known for her daring looks and continued collaboration with the iconic costumier Bob Mackie, who has designed clothes for many Hollywood A-listers.

The “Believe” alum and Mackie crossed paths in 1967 on the “Carol Burnett Show.” Their association gave a whole new meaning to the institutions of fashion and glamor.

When Cher appeared at the 1986 Oscar Awards, her stunning and glittering look, courtesy of Mackie, was enough to turn heads. She went on to wear many signature outfits by Mackie, from figure-hugging dresses to his dramatic illusionist styles.

Cher’s journey from the unknown to establishing her distinct place as a multitalented icon is nothing short of exciting. In addition to redefining music and ruling the world of music for nearly six decades, she has challenged the norms and expectations, building a persona unlike any other.

From being fun and full of surprises to exuberating boldness and brilliance—Cher’s journey to success has been both unconventional and exceptional. Moreover, she has used fashion as a form of self-expression, unapologetically conveying her somewhat complex personal style.

LAS VEGAS, NV – MAY 21: Actress/singer Cher performs during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Despite her age, the “After All” singer’s revealing style has remained unchanged. Her choice of seemingly inappropriate outfits has kept her in the spotlight for years. At the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, she rocked a body-baring, heart-shaped pasties outfit made from beaded threads.

Cher topped her look with a platinum wig, looking snug and happy in her bold beaded dress. Interestingly, everyone adored her style, and she also bagged the Icon Award, which later gave her a chance to share an emotional acceptance speech.

While reflecting on her journey in the music arena for over 50 years at the time, Cher echoed what her mom told her when she was a young girl:

“You’re not going to be the smartest, you’re not going to be the prettiest, you’re not going to be the most talented, but you’re going to be special.’”

Taking the conversation further, the “If I Could Turn Back Time” star noted how her style statement throughout her career had been unique, despite being dubbed outrageous, distinct, and against the rule books.

To anyone wondering how she pulled off such a revealing dress for her age, the then-71-year-old responded, “I can do a five-minute plank.”


Despite going strong in her 70s, Cher has received immense criticism for her looks. In 2019, a user called the songstress “too old to dress like a [20-year-old].”

In 2014, a second user slammed her for looking ugly in her purple dress, saying she needed to wear something longer. “Cher looks like an ugly Ozzy,” commented another user.

She has reportedly been dubbed as the poster girl for cosmetic procedures.

Besides being criticized, the “Moonstruck” alum has also received supportive comments from fans. “THIS is cher! she looks her age, beautiful and happy. there’s nothing wrong with looking like you’ve lived [sic],” stated one user on Twitter.

When Cher posted her mother’s picture on social media in June 2022, many drew similarities between the two women. She is beautiful. She is beautiful at her age now!” wrote a fan. Another netizen commended the pop star, adding, “Looks beautiful for any age and she is already doing her job fabulously.”

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – OCTOBER 28: Cher performs on stage at The SSE Hydro on October 28, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Redferns)

For Cher, the world of glitz and glam has also pressured her to remain young and relevant in her field. She has reportedly been dubbed as the poster girl for cosmetic procedures.

When asked if she normalized the trend, the singer immediately pointed out how she had seen girls as young as 18 want to change their appearance. She said she didn’t comprehend why people held her responsible for something which had been trending for a long time.

“If you’re no good at what you do, people don’t care what you look like,” answered Cher when asked if cosmetic treatments had prolonged her career. She noted how people didn’t pay money to look at someone and attached much more importance to someone’s performance.

Despite admitting to feeling exhausted and drained, the “Burlesque” alum said her voice had never been better. She also stated how she had worked diligently to build her body strength, adding that even 20-year-old girls couldn’t do what she did.

While commenting on an American tabloid newspaper constantly suggesting she was on the brink of death, Cher appeared shocked and confused. During her response to the somewhat queer question, she said she was unsure why they thought she was dying when she had never felt that way.

Cher is also excellent at monitoring her diet and is a fan of healthy eating except for her love for chocolate. She also credits working out and exercising to her gorgeous appearance and agelessness.

So, how does the “All or Nothing” singer maintain her lovely figure while adding more years to her life? She once shared how she works twice as hard and loves being in the gym as much as possible. Cher said she was a tomboy in her youth and loved playing sports.

PORTOFINO ITALY – JULY 18: Cher is seen on July 18, 2021 in Portofino, Italy. (Photo by Oliver Palombi/MEGA/GC Images)

Owing to her sporty attitude, Cher also learned to surf and said she loved embarking on adventures. The Oscar-winning diva has a few simple beauty tips which have helped her remain an elegant beauty over the years.

Her secrets to staying fit, active, healthy, and of course, ageless include saying no to drinking, smoking, and drugs. In addition to understanding the importance of mindful eating and adopting a vegetarian diet, Cher confessed she rarely drank and never did drugs.

Cher once rated Cruise among her top five lovers, and the duo’s relationship amassed immense popularity back in the day, despite the “Jerry Maguire” actor being 16 years her junior.
The “Baby Don’t Go” star explained how she had always considered drinking and drugs unhealthy. While she admitted to smoking cigarettes for some time, she quickly bounced back and steered clear of anything that contradicted her taste.

Being the superstar she is, Cher’s health continues to worry her fans from time to time, mainly in the wake of her advancing age. In 2021, she had to cancel some of her concerts after contracting a mysterious illness.

Heeding her doctor’s advice, Cher, then 75, took some time to rest and recover and kept her loyal fan base updated about her health through regular social media updates.

Known for entertaining the audience, staying relevant, and serving style goals despite her age, the Emmy-winning star was shattered to cancel some of her shows. During her “Dressed To Kill” tour, she was said to have fallen ill with a severe virus affecting her kidneys and voice box.

At the time, Cher had to cancel her mega show’s second half because she appeared too unwell to perform. However, despite her health scares, she has managed to stay fit and healthy, determined to keep her fans entertained with her mesmerizing performances.

Cher’s age has never deterred her from chasing her dreams. In addition to reveling in continued success and fame, she had had an exciting love life. In November 2022, the “Love and Understanding” singer went public with her relationship to Alexander “AE” Edwards, 40 years her junior.

When photos of the hot duo circulated on social media, many fans warned Cher about her then-boyfriend’s past. But sources reported that the Grammy-winning musician was unswayed by the online chatter, and she couldn’t care less about the skepticism surrounding her relationship.

Despite the undue media and public scrutiny, Cher seemed to enjoy the attention, reportedly adding that she and her then-beau shared something extraordinary, making her feel sexy and full of life.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 09: Alexander Edwards and Cher attend the Versace FW23 Show at Pacific Design Center on March 09, 2023 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

The same source shared that Cher had always had a thing for younger men, and her relationship with Edwards was no different than her previous connections. But what made it stand out from the “Bang Bang” star’s prior romances was how it made her feel and her confidence to take it public.

In December 2022, Cher posted a picture of her pear-shaped diamond ring on Twitter, triggering the romance rumor mill. The “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” alum wrote how she wished her late mom, Georgia Holt, could witness her happiness and gorgeous ring.

She mentioned how her mother loved diamonds and would have been ecstatic to share her daughter’s happiness. Later, Cher said she had posted the ring’s photo because she wished to flaunt her then-boyfriend’s fabulous nails.

The pop star’s romance with Edwards isn’t the only one that gained widespread media attention. In the past, she’s dated Hollywood A-listers, including Richie Sambora, Elvis Presley, Tom Cruise, and several others.

Cher once rated Cruise among her top five lovers, and the duo’s relationship amassed immense popularity back in the day, despite the “Jerry Maguire” actor being 16 years her junior.

She has been married twice: she wed Sonny Bono in 1964, and they divorced in 1975. They share a son, Chaz Bono. Unfortunately, Sonny died in 1998. Later, in 1975, she tied the knot with Gregg Allman, but the duo divorced three years later. Allman passed away in 2017, and the duo share a son, Elijah.

Despite the rumors that Cher and Edwards were engaged, sources close to the couple confirmed that they had gone their separate ways after just six months of dating. It was also revealed that the pair were never engaged, and Cher’s ring was merely a gift from her ex-lover.

Regardless, the duo was said to be incredibly close, and Edwards’ son loved spending time at Cher’s Malibu residence. Their romance and brief relationship were believed to be real and special, and despite their decision to call it quits, they were said to be on friendly terms.

Although Cher has been slammed off and on for her revealing style, she continues to exuberate class and confidence while showing off her slim figure, proving that age is just a number!

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