Wisconsin Dairy Queen Puts Up ‘Politically Incorrect’ Sign, Owner Stands By His Decision

A message left on the front window of a Dairy Queen restaurant in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, garnered attention and is currently making waves on the internet. The billboard prominently displays the restaurant’s political incorrectness and calls attention to the fact that it often employs holiday greetings like “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God Bless America.” Additionally, it shows support for the

They receive complimentary sundaes, the US flag, and expressions of gratitude for their military service on Veterans Day.


In defense of the placard, restaurant owner Kevin Scheunemann stated that it was put up nearly four years ago to be transparent about his and the staff’s dedication to serving God and the nation. According to Scheunemann, he put up the sign in response to a customer’s grievance against Christian music being played in the restaurant. Since then, the sign hasn’t caused any further issues.

The sign has gained more attention recently when an Oregonian tourist posted a picture of it on Facebook and expressed concerns about the message’s alleged exclusivity. The original post attracted a lot of attention before it was taken down.

While some people support the message on the sign, others have taken offense at the person who shared the image and voiced their opinions. However, Scheunemann’s choice to put the sign is supported by local business owners, who say that customers are free to leave the restaurant if they disagree with its principles.


The people living in the little village of Kewaskum seem to read the sign as the owner’s statement of beliefs and take it at face value. According to Dairy Queen’s official statement, Scheunemann’s approach is not endorsed by the company, and the sign only conveys the proprietor’s beliefs. The company stated that all franchisees and staff members are required to treat customers with respect and decency, regardless of their religious beliefs.

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