The Behavior of Donald Trump That Ivanka Trump Found Upsetting

The rumors that Ivanka Trump seemed angry with her father, Donald Trump, at the most recent UFC event have piqued the interest of a lot of people. What what happened remains a mystery to many, but we could finally have the truth today.

More recently, a new video surfaced, raising speculation as to what may be the source of the apparent hostility.

During the event, Donald Trump and his family were seated in the first row. Few people noticed, though, that one of Ivanka and Jared Kushner’s boys was standing behind them. Why Trump did not seem to interact with his granddaughter has been questioned by some.

The most likely explanation is that Trump just didn’t know about his grandchild. Given how lively the event was, how many people lined up to see the former president, and how the small youngster was standing behind his parents, it makes plausible that Trump would have missed him.

It’s amazing that Ivanka tried to get her dad to notice her so their boy could greet his grandfather. Unfortunately, by the time she caught Trump’s attention, he had already gone on to talk to other people, which made the little kid quite upset.

To allow the grandson to spend some time with his grandfather, let’s hope the family came together before the festivities started. Both the younger and elder generations find immense delight and value in these types of family events.

Remember, even celebrities like the Trump family occasionally miscommunicate and miss opportunities to engage.

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