Loni Willison, who used to be seen as really attractive and appeared in many magazines, is now homeless. People often see her going through trash bins in California. She says her life fell apart after divorcing Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson.

In May 2023, X17 Online talked to Loni. In the interview, she blamed her ex-husband, whom she accused of trying to hurt her, for her life falling apart.

She said, “My ex-husband. Getting married. At least I got divorced.” When asked why she’s homeless, she claimed he planned everything to harm her.

Loni and Jeremy got married in 2012 but divorced two years later. After the divorce, Loni faced mental breakdowns, anxiety, and depression. These, along with struggles with alcohol and crystal meth, caused her to lose her job and home, leaving her without a place to live.

Reports say that Loni has been offered help multiple times, but she refused it because she wants to be independent. She said, “I don’t need help. I have everything I need.”

In an interview with X17 Online, Loni explained that she’s in a lot of pain. She can’t live indoors because she feels like someone is “electrocuting” her every day. Now, she can’t be near appliances or exposed to electricity.

She shared, “I think because I’m sensitive to electricity, I also react to other things like certain chemicals, batteries, wires, and different metals. So, I believe my body filters out those things.”

“I’m not exactly sure, I would need a big X-ray or sonogram to find out. It’s pretty intense,” she added.

The person who used to be married to the Baywatch star seems to be missing some of her upper front teeth. Her ex, who is active on social media, has also faced tough times since Baywatch. In 2017, he got sentenced to 270 days in prison and five years of probation for a stabbing incident in LA in 2015. He has also struggled with addictions.

As of Loni, her days are tough and she struggles to make ends meet while trying to provide food for herself with the few belongings she keeps in the shopping cart she carries with her wherever she goes.

The once gorgeous blonde model is unrecognizable in the her dumpy, dirty clothes.

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