Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father

Richard Gere learned everything about life from his ideal “hero” father. The actor learned the values and applied them to his fatherhood experience, despite having begun his family later in life. He even named his firstborn child after his father, for whom he is still grateful.

“Beautiful Woman” Despite becoming one of the most prominent Hollywood actors, Richard Gere was raised in a typical household. The actor grew up in a big family on a farm in Syracuse, New York.

His mother, Doris, met her husband, Homer Gere, in Brooklyn, where she grew up. The childhood sweethearts got married in 1945 and relocated to North Syracuse to start a family, which consisted of their five children.

The couple nurtured their children, Richard, Susan, Joanne, David, and Laura, well and instilled in them lasting principles, even though they had a large family.

In addition, despite their limited financial resources, George, an insurance salesman, and homemaker Doris battled to provide their children with the greatest education possible.

Richard views his parents as superheroes in real life, providing for all of his basic requirements in order to encourage his creativity.

The “Unfaithful” actor claims that his parents encouraged their children’s interests and hired instructors who helped them develop their talents. He acknowledged:

“We didn’t have much growing up, so it was amazing how much work it took to get music teachers and an education.”

Richard Is Inspired by His Father
Even though Richard didn’t have an easy life from birth, he values his parents’ efforts. During honors at the 2019 City Harvest Festival Gala on Tuesday, the actor reminisced about his early years and praised his father for instilling in him the value of being a good man.

Homer, as Richard clarified, never wanted anyone in his vicinity to suffer, not even strangers. He asserted that the elder Gere was essentially a passionate person who frequently turned up to help anyone in need.

The actor threw a private birthday dinner for Homer in a pasta restaurant in his hometown when he turned 100 in May.

When it came to money, the “Pretty Woman” actor claimed that if Homer was unable to assist, he would look for other ways to provide support, such as a hug or a smile. But he had an underlying sense that he had to help in some way.

The celebrity said that his father started a Meals-On-Wheels program in his hometown, to which he remained committed for the remainder of his life.

Homer, he continued, liked a “cheeseball car because he didn’t have to bend over to get the meals in to deliver them to his neighbors because the trunk was the right height.”

Meals-At-The-Spot America is a nonprofit that offers support to thousands of communities across through various programs. In Philadelphia, the first of its sort was established in the 1950s.

There is a great deal of volunteer work that supports independent and dignified living for American elders. Examples of this work include food deliveries, kind visits, and safety checks.

Richard asked his elderly father, during a heartfelt chat, what motivated him to volunteer for Meals on Wheels. Homer stated:

Meals-On-Wheels was founded in what was essentially an abandoned house. As they became older, we sort of filled their demand. I believe you can’t help but feel good about your life when you see someone else gain anything from it.

Richard replied by saying that he was only motivated to support the projects by his father. For his son, who also aspired to be a wonderful father, Homer provided a wonderful example. Kids did not arrive early for the actor, though, until he was in his 50s.

Richard’s Path to Parenthood
Richard and Cindy Crawford, his model, had a brief first marriage. He fell in love with twelve-year-old Carey Lowell, a former Bond actress, on his second try at love.

Richard didn’t care about his age; it was better late than never. The gifted TV personality and Lowell began dating in 1996, but she kept much of their courtship a secret until after they were married.

The “Unfaithful” star gushed about their partnership and said they were prepared to go beyond. Lowell did not care that he had a daughter from a prior marriage. Richard stated to Dailymail:

“Her presence has transformed my life.” Additionally, marriage has significance. if you put your heart into it. This is significant for both of us.

However, the couple had already welcomed a son, Homer Gere II, before opting to tie the knot in a small ceremony. At fifty, Richard had his first child, whom he named after his father.

It had been highly anticipated, so when the actor’s road to parenthood finally materialized, he was thrilled and committed to the process.

He described his son as “the joy of my life” while talking about him. He is extremely intelligent, a fast runner, and a music lover. incredibly humorous. Irony is a fantastic quality for any human being, and he picked it up quickly.

Although Richard loved being a father, his happy marriage to Lowell quickly fell apart after more than ten years. The ex-Bond girl filed for divorce in 2012, mostly citing their divergent lifestyles as the cause.

Several accounts claim that although his second wife enjoyed going out to parties, Richard yearned for solitude and peace. “They have a place in Bedford [NY], and he likes it because it’s quiet and he likes the solitude,” the insider disclosed. She enjoys the spotlight in North Haven.

Although they agreed to share custody of their son equally, the argument was about the terms of the divorce settlement. Four years of court appearances were required before they agreed.

Both sides’ attorneys, though, declined to comment on the arrangement. Despite the short lifespan of his marriage, Richard remained true to his family values.

He clarified in 2015 that his kid continues to be his top concern and that he turns down projects if the young man does not approve of them. Family is the most important thing in the world to him.

Richard had already fallen in love once more before the interview, this time with Spanish campaigner Alejandra Silva.

Later on, the couple added more children to their family. The actor welcomed Alexander, his second son, into the world in 2019. Another son was welcomed into the loving family the following year.

Richard Is My Sweet Son Even Now
Richard is devoted to his father, Homer, despite the many phases of his life that he has experienced, such as marriages and parenthood.
He supported the patriarch’s Meals-On-Deals initiatives and frequently drove about and visited people, all the while thinking of him as a “idol” over the years. 2010 saw the legendary actor say:

“He’s been my hero forever.”

Homer is still passionate about helping people, even at his advanced age. Furthermore, he never let his loneliness dull his compassion; Doris passed away in North Syracuse at the age of 91, leaving her spouse a widow.

Richard is, in fact, the son that many people would want. He has stayed devoted to his father, celebrating him and offering all assistance or support he can.

Homer reached 100 in May 2022, and the actor had a private birthday celebration in a local pasta restaurant.

Together with other well-wishers, the couple enjoyed the evening celebrating this significant occasion with the Meals-On-Deals volunteer. Richard’s relationship with his father demonstrates how much the actor values the dedication and sacrifices made by the elderly.

He will undoubtedly give his children the same bond as the 100-year-old; after all, he thinks that family is the most important thing in life.

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