Missing 9-Year-Old Girl Featured On ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Has Been Found

Heather Unbehaun, accused of abducting her daughter from an Illinois suburb six years ago, has turned herself in, ending a high-profile case. Unbehaun is now in custody at the Kane County Adult Justice Center in Illinois, facing abduction charges without bail.

Days before her surrender, Kayla Unbehaun was found safe in North Carolina and reunited with her custodial father. Heather Unbehaun was arrested in North Carolina on a fugitive warrant from Illinois for kidnapping and child abduction. Initially held on a $250,000 bond, she was released after posting bail on Tuesday, according to Asheville Police Department spokesperson Samantha Booth.

Kayla was abducted on July 4, 2017, after a parade in South Elgin, Illinois. Heather told Kayla’s father, Ryan Iserka, they were going camping but never returned. A felony warrant was issued for Heather’s arrest.

The breakthrough came when someone in Asheville recognized Kayla from Netflix’s “Unsolved Mysteries” and alerted authorities.

Ryan Iserka thanked law enforcement and supporters for reuniting him with Kayla. Heather Unbehaun’s next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday morning at the Kane County Judicial Center.

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