Meghan Markle’s Ex-Husband: Trevor Engelson’s Revenge

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been happily married for five years. However, not many people know about Meghan’s first marriage to Trevor Engelson, which ended on a bad note. Today, both Meghan and Trevor have moved on and are happily married to other people. But what is Trevor up to these days, and how did he get his “revenge” on Meghan?

Trevor Engelson, born on October 23, 1976, in Great Neck, New York, started his career as a production assistant and worked his way up to become a successful film producer. He has worked on various projects, including the film “Remember Me” in 2010, where Meghan had a cameo role. He has also been involved in productions like “License to Wed” and “All About Steve” and acted as an executive producer on the TV series “Snowfall.”

Today, Trevor manages screenwriters, novelists, actors, and film directors in Los Angeles when he is not working on set. He has found great success with the FX television series “Snowfall” and runs his own management and production company called Underground.

So, how did Meghan and Trevor meet? They crossed paths for the first time in 2004 and dated for seven years before getting married in September 2011. Their wedding in Jamaica was a three-day celebration, filled with parties, games, and even a wheelbarrow race.

During their marriage, Meghan was a briefcase model on the game show “Deal or No Deal.” However, Trevor was not too keen on visiting her on set, unlike other husbands and friends. This absence was noticeable to the other models, and it seemed that Trevor’s busy work schedule kept him from being more involved in Meghan’s life.

As Meghan’s career took off with her role in the TV series “Suits,” she had to move to Toronto for filming, while Trevor remained in Los Angeles. The long-distance relationship took a toll on their marriage, and they eventually divorced in 2013, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

The split came as a shock to Trevor, and according to royal biographer Andrew Morton, Meghan even sent her engagement and wedding rings back to him as a sign that their marriage was over. It was a difficult time for Trevor, as he was still in love with Meghan and was heartbroken by their separation.

After the divorce, Trevor dated Bethenny Frankel from “Real Housewives of New York” for a short period. However, their relationship didn’t last long. In 2017, it was reported that Trevor was working on a TV show about a man who shares custody of his child after his ex-wife marries a British prince. Although the show was not based on Meghan and Trevor’s story, it raised some eyebrows due to the similarities.

But life took a turn for the better for Trevor when he met Tracey Kurland. The couple tied the knot in 2019, and they now have two daughters together. Tracey comes from a wealthy family, with her father having made around $500 million in the mortgage industry. Trevor’s friend revealed that he is happier than ever, loves being a dad, and feels fulfilled in his life. He has moved on and is enjoying his privacy away from the spotlight.

Trevor Engelson’s story is a reminder that life goes on after heartbreak and that success can come in unexpected ways. He has found happiness and fulfillment in his personal life and his career, showing that sometimes the best revenge is living a happy and successful life.

So, while Meghan and Harry may have their own successes and fortunes, Trevor Engelson has carved out a life of his own, filled with love, happiness, and success.

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