Many know her as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s wife – but she’s also famous in Hollywood

In my opinion, one of the smartest and funniest sitcoms ever produced is Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David and Cheryl Hines’s relationship is one of the things that makes Curb so fantastic.

These two have as much smart banter and intense affectionate tension as any late-night police procedural or legal thriller.

Prior to finding fame on television, Cheryl spent years rising through the acting ranks; but, recently, attention has been drawn to her union with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and her encounter with Fidel Castro.

She was reared as a Catholic and was born in Miami Beach, Florida, on September 21, 1965. She then moved to Tallahassee. Although Cheryl, her sister, and her two brothers didn’t have much money, they were all expected to go to college and succeed.

Cheryl had a passion for acting since she was young and participated in the Young Actors Theatre all through high school. Looking back, Cheryl claimed that her father James Hines was largely responsible for her humorous nature.

He undoubtedly introduced me to humor and what it meant to be hilarious for the first time. After her father passed away in 2015, Cheryl remarked, “He was quick-witted with his own set of phrases and made us laugh until the very end.”

She relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career after earning her degree from the University of Central Florida. However, it wasn’t simple for the aspirational, youthful Tallahassee actress. She earned a living as a waitress, television reporter, and telephone operator prior to her big break in Hollywood.
She also served as Rob Reiner’s personal assistant for a little while.

She was an unpaid intern trying to establish herself in L.A. She spent her days looking through headshots.

Cheryl experienced firsthand the cynicism of Hollywood during that time. One female employer went so far as to advise her to “get a boob job” because if she didn’t, she wouldn’t stand a chance in the field.

“I hadn’t given it much thought at the time, and it didn’t seem necessary,” the woman remarked. After returning home, I began to consider if my admiration for these women was influenced by my breast size. Similar to saying, “Goldie Hawn doesn’t have big ones,” Cheryl said to Yahoo.

Ultimately, Cheryl made the decision that she wasn’t “dying to be on Baywatch” and chose against having surgery.

After Cheryl started doing skits and improvised comedy at The Groundlings Theater, her career really took off.

The comedy group Groundlings included Friends star Lisa Kudrow (Pheobe), who also served as Cheryl’s first tutor.Cheryl gained a tremendous deal of experience in comic sketch writing and improvisation at The Groundlings. It was a terrific school.

Getting to know Larry David

Prior to Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cheryl’s television credits were limited to tiny roles and cameos on shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Swamp Thing.

To say that Cheryl was completely unknown in Hollywood when Larry David arrived is an understatement. He sought a “unknown actress” to portray his spouse in the television show.

Her life was transformed when she was cast as “Cheryl” in the hit sitcom; nevertheless, in 2000, Cheryl was unaware of Larry’s identity.

“Well, how old is that guy?” I asked. He isn’t that old?Before meeting the 75-year-old Larry, she remembered.

A complete mess was the audition as well. The casting director gave her an odd heads-up before Cheryl arrived.

“Avoid touching Larry. The casting director began by explaining that Larry dislikes being touched and that the show was meant to have a documentary-like vibe to it. “So if at any point it feels fake… the audition will be over,” she said, adding, “and here’s Larry.”

Thankfully, Cheryl performed admirably. Larry made the right decision; the “unkown actrees” did a fantastic job portraying her character in the show.

Most of the dialogue in Curb Your Enthusiasm is made up on the spot. Although there is a loose plot or framework, each actor in the show must improvise to generate the dialogue on the spot.

Upon beginning to watch the episodes (quite lately), I completely forgot that Cheryl was an actress; one could easily assume that she is actually Larry’s wife.

It appears that I wasn’t the only one who was a little perplexed.

“People in Tallahassee thought, ‘Well, maybe Cheryl got married,’ when the show first came out,” Cheryl recounted.

Sadly, Cheryl and Larry are no longer together despite Cheryl having starred in over 100 episodes of the show. In season eight, her character breaks up with Larry. She then started dating Ted Danson, a friend of Larry’s.

HBO decided to continue the show for a twelfth season in August 2022.

Robin and Cheryl Williams

During her tenure on Curb, Cheryl—who was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014—has worked on various projects. She has acted in several movies, such as the road comedy RV, in which she costarred with the late Robin Williams.

In RV, Cheryl played a disgruntled mother confined to a ramshackle camper on a family vacation, marking her feature film debut.

“I don’t think my friends bought into my claim that Robin Williams and I would be costarring.” “Oh my gosh, you’re in the whole thing,” they exclaimed after seeing the previews, Cheryl told The Tallahassee Democrat in 2006.

Cheryl, like a great number of people, was astounded by Williams’s generosity and charity. He included Cheryl and every other actor on the set, despite being the movie’s main character.

“Robin was so kind. He hugged me the moment I saw him and told me he loved the guys from “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Cheryl remarked.

With Fidel Castro, lemonade

Naturally, Cheryl has met other mega-celebrities in her life besides Robin Williams. She claims to be friends with well-known author Nick Hornby and that Barbra Streisand performed Running Charades at her home.

In addition, Cheryl loves to play poker and has won $50,000 in the past. Did she ever share a glass of lemonade with Fidel Castro at his Cuban residence?

In 2022, Cheryl said in an appearance with Jimmy Kimmel Live, “This was probably ten years ago.”

Additionally, my spouse wanted to see whether we may pay Mr. Castro a visit while we were there. Upon arriving at the hotel, we were greeted by a man wearing a white linen suit and a cap who stated, “El Presidente will see you.” A van then arrived to bring us up, according to Cheryl.

Getting married to a Kennedy

Paul Young, a manager and producer, was Cheryl’s first husband. Catherine Rose Young, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2004 after they were married in 2002.

However, Cheryl and Paul made the decision to end their marriage and file for divorce after seven years of union. Since the split, they have continued to be close friends and collaborate on set, according to Cheryl.

In a joke with Fox News, she said, “Larry David was my first husband because when I started doing ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ I was single and had never been married before.”

“After that, I wed Paul Young and subsequently, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.”

Cheryl began dating environmental lawyer and author Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a year after her first divorce. The spouse of Cheryl is the nephew of President John F. Kennedy and the son of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

“Our values are similar. first family. When they first met, Cheryl remarked, “We like to work hard and have a good time.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cheryl met through her husband Larry David, who appeared on television occasionally.

In a podcast, Hines stated, “He introduced us—just because we were at the same event.”

However, Larry said afterwards, “That’s a terrible idea.” After all, we’ve been married for eight years. Don’t get involved.

In 2014, the actress from Curb Your Enthusiasm tied the knot with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 300 people attended the ceremony at the Kennedy compound on Cape Cod, which featured Larry David and Julia Louis-Dreyfus among the attendees.

Cheryl has described how her world has improved ever since they first met and fell in love. The sheer number of people Kennedy and his illustrious family have touched has staggered her.

The things Bobby and his family have done for our nation, human rights, and democracy have meant a great deal to Cheryl and her family, she said. “Someone will basically come up to Bobby in tears and say,” she said.

However, her spouse has recently come under criticism for making some highly contentious remarks at a protest against vaccination requirements.

At the moment, Cheryl referred to her husband’s comment as “reprehensible and insensitive,” and later on, she discussed how they ought to share knowledge.She told Yahoo, “I think I’ve taught him to… I don’t want to say lighten up because he’s more “funny and lighthearted” than his public persona suggests.”I’m hoping to teach him to check it at the door. Don’t bring everything home, for example. He’s so committed to important causes that it’s like, “Oh man. Sometimes all you need to do is watch 30 Rock to clear your head.”
Picture of a Dallas Royce

Cheryl Hines agreed to appear in the ABC series Suburgatory in 2011. She was a fantastic addition to the ensemble and a highly regarded and acclaimed performer, but the show ran for only three seasons.

Dallas Royce, played by Cheryl, was a “110% upper middle-class suburban mother” who wore tight clothes, silicone rubber, dead hair, tanning solution, and Red Bull.

Cheryl is considered one of the sweetest actors in Hollywood, because to her charming grin. We’re not sure, though, if she’s had any cosmetic pr

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