Katie Couric becomes a grandma after eldest daughter welcomes first child: ‘I’m going to try to enjoy every moment’

Congratulations are in order for Katie Couric!

The former Today show co-host is officially a grandmother. Couric took to Instagram Sunday to reveal her daughter Ellie Dobrosky, 32, had given birth.

Among the details Couric shared was the touching name given to the newborn.

“On Saturday at 8:23 a.m., I officially became a grandmother,” Couric, 67, wrote on her website.

She recalled her son-in-law Mark suggesting everyone get to the hospital around 8:30 a.m. that day, but “by the time we got outside the maternity wing, Mark had sent us a text saying, ‘IT’S A BOY!’”

Couric, her husband, and her daughter Carrie sat in the waiting room anxiously waiting to see Ellie, “like kids on Christmas morning.”

When they were finally allowed to see the new family of three, everyone was thrilled.

“John Albert Dobrosky was born on his due date, Saturday, March 23rd at 8:23 am, just shy of seven pounds,” Couric posted on Instagram alongside several snapshots of the newborn and his parents, grandparents, and aunt.

The veteran TV journalist explained her grandson’s name: “The John is for all the Johns in Ellie’s life: her father, John Paul Monahan; her grandfather, John Martin Couric; her uncle, Johnny (I’ve called him that since we were little); and her stepfather, John Paul Molner. Her paternal grandfather was also John.”

“He will be called Jay in honor of his maternal grandfather. Albert is after Mark’s paternal grandfather.”

In December, Couric announced her eldest daughter was pregnant by sharing the sweet way Ellie informed her mother of the news.

Before attending a Taylor Swift concert together, Ellie and her sister Carrie, 28, sat Couric down and exchanged friendship bracelets – a popular tradition at Swift’s shows. The sisters gave their mother a bracelet that read “Granny to be.”

Couric was stunned and couldn’t wait to share the news with her fans, though according to her Instagram she had to keep it a secret for several months.

Congratulations Ellie and Mark on the newest addition to your family!

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