Jane Seymour, 72, explained that she and co-star Joe Lando, 61, didn’t talk to each other for years while filming “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and it was a difficult time

Jane Seymour had some challenging life experiences before finding love with Joe Lando and her time on “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” She was homeless for a while with a nine million dollars debt over her ex.

British-American actress Jane Seymour is one face “Dr. Quinn” fans would never forget. Years after the 1993 film, Seymour looked back at her time on his series in an interview.

But, before diving into details about her time on the show and its effect on her career, the actress first reminisced on some depressing events that led to her role on “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”


Apart from acting, Seymour is also an author and entrepreneur. She made her screen debut with an uncredited role on “Oh! What a Lovely War” in 1969 before her ascending into fame with lead roles in film and TV series including “The Onedin Line” and “Live and Let Die.”

In the ’90s, Seymour starred as Dr. Michaela “Mike” Quinn in the television series “Dr. Quinn” and her part on the series earned her a second Golden Globe Award. However years after the show ended, the actress sat in an interview where she gave details about her life before the show.

According to Seymour, her ex-husband at the time had squandered their money and left her with a nine million dollars debt. She was homeless, had no money, so she called her agent and explained that she was willing to take any job.

That was how she landed a role on “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.” She was offered a “little movie of the week” but had to sign a five-year contract in case the film became a series. She began working in less than 24 hours and Seymour noted:

“They saved my life. I got a roof over my head, I got some money so I could get back on my feet, and my kids could come out to the set and do their schoolwork in the trailer[…].”

Although the 1993 series was a blessing for Seymour, she had some awkward experiences on set. She first credited actor Joe Lando for his impact on the movie before advising viewers to never fall in love with the leading man in a pilot and then break up before the movie ended.

Seymour, now 72, and Lando are way past their differences but while “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman” aired they had a pretty awkward relationship after dating for a while and calling it quits before the show ended.

To make matters worse, the actress married James Keach, a regular director of the series. Seymour recalled Keach having to direct and watch her and Lando make out on set.

As the interview continued the actress revealed that she revisited the series with her grandchildren and she realized the program had relevant themes that still apply in the new age.

Once during an interview at the Creative Arts Emmys Night 2, Seymour, 72, explained that she and co-star Lando didn’t talk to each other for years while filming “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and it was a difficult time.

The author noted that while she and Lando appeared as the perfect couple on screen, there was certain friction between them and they were dealing with break-up awkwardness offscreen. She also recalled how her relationship with Lando started off.

The “Live and Let Die” actress remembered a flash flood on set that kept moving her car backward and she couldn’t get out of the vehicle because the driver was an intern who didn’t want her stepping out. But Seymour jumped out and found herself in Lando’s truck, and that was how their chemistry began.

Seymour, who now sees Lando as her “closest friend on the planet” has been married four times. She and movie director Keach finalized their divorce in 2015. Lando on the other hand has been married to Kirsten Barlow since 1997.

The “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman” lovebirds brought back sweet memories when they posed in a photo that featured them like old times on social media. The co-stars looked older but as adorable as ever.

In the photo posted by The “Somewhere in Time” actress, Lando sported a maroon T-shirt and a blue jacket while Seymour rocked a floral dress. “Dr. Quinn” fans couldn’t get over the post which came with a caption:

“Summers with Sully!”

Seymour is a successful movie star but her love affairs haven’t been all rosy. Speaking in a recent interview, the entrepreneur, mother, and grandma revealed that she has learned a lot from her past relationships and failed marriages.

Seymour explained that what’s best after a broken relationship is to “let go” and find a way to communicate especially when co-parenting. The actress also noted that the only fault she had in her relationships was being with people who wanted someone who didn’t work and was always available.

For someone who had a career and was providing for the family, it was hard being available every hour of the day. Seymour laughed as she said going to work was the only thing she did wrong.

The movie star and her ex-husband Keach welcomed a set of twins Kristopher and John before their relationship went down the drain. She was initially married to David Flynn, with whom she had a son, Sean, and daughter Katherine.

Even with a demanding career, Seymour revealed that she tried creating time for her kids. They traveled with her whenever she was working and she managed to maintain a balance.

However, the 72-year-old actress noted that she was involved with men who had “different issues.” Seymour smiled as she revealed that she never ended her marriage but the men walked away after finding other people.

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