Islamic Calif. High School Cancels Girls Basketball Game to Avoid Playing Team with Transgender Player

The article states that Averroes High School, located in Freemont and promoting itself as an Islamic high school that prepares students for college, lost its girls’ basketball match against San Francisco Waldorf High.

Averroes officials withheld the reason for the game’s cancellation, but Reduxx has been informed by insiders that Waldorf fielded a boy who claims to be a transse xual girl.Reduxx claims to have investigated the issue and discovered that the boy is taller and faster than the girls, despite the fact that the transgender player’s identity was not disclosed.

“The boy had an obvious advantage,” Lane said. “[The girls] didn’t necessarily run their offense through him, probably because they didn’t want to be targeted. But he got most rebounds and was able to jump much higher than the girls.”

Lane went on to say that the girls he faced “were at a complete disadvantage.”
“I caught one scramble for the ball with another player, and my heart stopped. She was more than a foot shorter than him and could have been seriously injured,” she said.

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