Identical twins see each other for the first time, and have an adorable conversation

People’s lives would simply be meaningless without children. There are many families where twins are born, but this is more common in the United States. For many, twins are a miracle, but there are people who would not want twins, because they had plans made, and taking care of two children at the same time is difficult.

Parents with children know well what it is like not to sleep at night, or when one child wakes up and wakes up the other. Parents of twins will understand all this very well. In the following video, you will see a mother filming her twin girls interacting with each other as if for the first time.

Imagine how funny it must be if you see someone who is just you as if reflected in a mirror, but it’s really true. It’s so sweet to see their faces and the love they give each other as they try to communicate through sounds that make no sense to us. Of course they understand each other and communicate and we just can’t understand them. From what they said, it looks like these twin girls are starting to get along.


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