Identical Twins Born In 2010 Were Called The Most Beautiful Twins In The World: What Do They Look Like Now?

Ava and Leah Clements, known for their striking beauty and dynamic presence, have become significant figures in the world of social media and fashion, captivating millions with their journey from childhood to their teenage years. The daughters of Jaqi and Kevin Clements, born in 2010, have made an impressive transition from mere children to influential teens, embodying the essence of beauty, ambition, and resilience.

The turning point in their lives came on July 7, 2017, their 7th birthday, when their mother Jaqi, taking on the role of their manager, decided to introduce them to the world of modeling. This decision sparked an incredible journey, catapulting Ava and Leah into the spotlight as “The Most Beautiful Twins in the World,” as Jaqi reminisced on their personal website, which serves as a diary of their ascent to stardom.

Their captivating looks quickly caught the attention of a global audience, propelling their Instagram account to remarkable heights. Jaqi was astounded by the rapid increase in followers, observing a surge from a mere 1,000 to 15,000 followers in just a short span, eventually amassing over 2 million admirers. This explosive growth, described by Jaqi as “a wildfire,” was beyond her wildest expectations.

Jaqi, a novice in the social media realm, soon grasped what types of images resonated most with their audience. She noticed that photos of the twins together received significantly more engagement compared to individual shots.

Ava and Leah’s endearing personalities have played a crucial role in their success, making them beloved figures among fans and peers. Jaqi has often highlighted their loving nature and ability to make instant connections with new acquaintances, treating them like long-lost relatives.

Their career has since expanded beyond social media, with features in prestigious magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar Brazil and Vanity Fair Italia, and collaborations with renowned brands like Levi’s and Converse. Despite their growing fame, Jaqi ensures they maintain a balanced life, with education and normal childhood activities taking precedence.

The family faced a significant challenge when Kevin Clements was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in 2019. This difficult time brought the family closer, showcasing their collective strength and resilience. The girls, supportive of their father, were by his side through his treatment, celebrating his victories, including his 40th birthday.

Now as teenagers, Ava and Leah are venturing into the world of fashion design with their brand, KAVEAH, demonstrating their creative flair and entrepreneurial spirit.

Their journey continues to evolve, marked by both achievements and challenges, as they navigate fame, personal growth, and creative pursuits.

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