“Happiness to the brim. The little one is delighted with grandma’s arrival. The most sincere emotions of the child.”

A little child in the family is a great joy. Observing how the little one explores the surrounding world is truly a pleasure. There is so much new and amazing for them to discover!
Children are the most direct, sincere, and honest beings on this planet. No one can express emotions as openly as they do. Children are delightful by their very nature because they are so direct and sincere! This leads to amusing situations that make the adult audience roll on the floor with laughter.

Maracas, bright and loud – that’s cool! But playing with them requires permission from Tigene, and she wasn’t giving it. The little girl’s vocabulary is still quite limited, but all her words are essential and versatile. This is precisely the case where the beauty of speech is less important than the emotional message. And with expressing thoughts and conveying them to Daddy, she has no problems.
However, the mischievous adult sets up a new provocation for Mama to record a video, where using just two words, “No” and “Okay,” the daughter explains: don’t dare touch my toys! The result turned out to be unpredictable;
little Tigene showed remarkable resourcefulness in solving such a complex task. Because there’s just no reasoning with these adults! If you enjoyed this content, please share.

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