“Good Job, Woman!”: A Single Mother Of 5 Children Bought an Abandoned House And Turned It Into a Fairy Tale!

Lina Rissa, a mother of five, fulfilled her dream of owning a spacious home when she learned about an abandoned property in Kauhava, Finland.

Despite the house’s decades-long vacancy and disrepair, Lina took a courageous step to purchase it, seizing the opportunity due to its affordable cost—essentially covering the land expenses.

Alone with her five children at the time of purchase, Lina valued the support of her extended family, considering the house’s advantageous location on the outskirts of the village, close to both grandparents and the school.

In 2017, Lina encountered her future husband, Jukka, who became a crucial partner in the extensive renovations needed for the neglected property.

The couple, now a family of seven children and two dogs, faced numerous challenges, including a devastating fire within the first year of ownership.

Despite losing much in the blaze, the resilient family moved into a small one-room apartment, initiating the renovation process earlier than planned.

The renovation efforts encompassed every aspect of the house, addressing structural issues down to the basement. Combining thrifted finds from flea markets with handmade creations, Lina and Jukka transformed their home.
Daily life in the Rissa household revolves around the wood-burning stove, skillfully operated by Jukka, creating stress-free cooking experiences for the family.

The house, initially designed with four separate apartments, underwent alterations, including the removal of extra kitchens and the addition of a sauna.

Lina, a textile designer by profession, drew inspiration from her great-grandmother, who earned a living through weaving.
Additionally, her passion for painting is evident in the artwork that adorns the house’s walls.

The Rissa family’s story is a testament to resilience, determination, and the transformative power of creativity in turning an abandoned house into a warm and cherished home.

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