“A Mansion Tour Of The Star”: Jaclyn Smith Shared Photos Of Their Luxury Family House Bought Still In 1991!

Actress Jaclyn Smith has always prioritized the well-being of her children, Spencer-Margaret and Gaston, amidst her fame. Striving to give them a sense of specialness akin to what her own mother provided, Jaclyn made efforts to shield them from public scrutiny. Despite her attempts, media attention was inevitable, leaving Jaclyn with a sense of guilt. However, her connection with her mother remained strong, anchored by daily conversations.

In 1991, Jaclyn acquired a Georgian colonial mansion with six bedrooms and six bathrooms in Los Angeles’ prestigious Holmby Hills, pouring her affection for vintage residences into every corner of the home. She described it as an ideal family dwelling, bathed in natural light and surrounded by extensive land. The mansion’s interior showcases family portraits and cozy furnishings, reflecting Jaclyn’s love for the 18th Century blended with the comfort of modern upholstery.

Jaclyn undertook renovations throughout the mansion, not limiting changes to the initially necessary kitchen. The estate’s features, including a tennis court, swimming pool, and office spaces, catered to the interests of her family and her husband, heart surgeon Dr. Brad Allen.

Jaclyn credits her success in “Charlie’s Angels” for enabling her to purchase and refurbish her home, a sentiment appreciated by her husband, especially after replacing the fabric walls in their bedroom with wallpaper. Jaclyn’s commitment to creating the perfect home for her family allowed her children’s rooms to reflect their personal tastes, even if they diverged from the house’s overall style.

The mansion exudes sophistication, adorned with floral designs, restored seating, and detailed floor patterns. The entrance boasts a grand spiral staircase, high ceilings, and an imposing vintage table. Roses, a favorite of Jaclyn’s, are prominent throughout the home, complemented by colorful furniture adorned with floral and avian motifs. The formal dining room, where Jaclyn enjoys entertaining, features a crystal chandelier, elegant wooden furniture, and walls dressed in emerald green with floral patterns.

Architectural elements like columns and a checkerboard floor add character to the dining space, while the open-concept living areas facilitate guest entertainment. The extensive garden, filled with Jaclyn’s cherished roses, adds to the mansion’s allure, highlighted by a post in August 2021 showcasing the blooms. Jaclyn has preserved her children’s rooms as they were, maintaining a welcoming space for their return. A dollhouse in the garden, meant for tea parties with her granddaughter, mirrors the main house’s aesthetic.

Now in her fourth marriage to Brad Allen, Jaclyn’s previous marriages include unions with actors Roger Davis and Dennis Cole, and cinematographer Tony Richmond, with whom she had her children. Her relationship with Brad began under serendipitous circumstances when they met during her father’s hospitalization.

Married in 1997, Jaclyn and Brad share common values, contributing to their harmonious union. Celebrating over two decades together, Jaclyn cherishes their shared experiences and travel adventures. Brad’s kindness and purity of heart are qualities Jaclyn admires, with her family and friends’ presence being her greatest source of happiness, especially during her battle with cancer in 2002.

Today, Jaclyn finds joy in the company of her husband and their home, which Brad also adores. The mansion, brimming with mementos of Jaclyn’s life and career, serves as a sanctuary filled with love and memories.

Despite the extensive renovations, Jaclyn believes that the true essence of her home lies in the love and welcome extended to her loved ones, making it a true family haven.

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