A man encountered a homeless grandmother on the street. He didn’t even suspect that this moment would change his entire life.

The grandmother slowly bit into the sausage, swallowing tears. Near the supermarket doors stood an old woman. A young man came out, approached her, placed two bags filled with groceries near her feet, and went back into the store. “Oh, son, thank you, where are you going? I don’t need anything else.” But the young man didn’t hear her.

A few minutes later, he came out and handed another bag to the woman. She took it and said, “Son, I have so much already, I can’t take all of this. Where will I put it all?” The young man asked what else she needed. “Nothing, really, nothing more. I’m so grateful to you. Your mother should be thanked; she raised such a son,” said the elderly woman, embracing the young man.

Tears welled up in her eyes. Lately, she hadn’t been buying groceries, only bread. Her son took away all her savings and kicked her out of the house. She was left without a roof, just the sky above. And suddenly, the grandmother asked, “My dear, do you have a knife in your car?

I need a knife to cut the sausage.” The young man took out a large knife from the car. The woman cut the sausage and ate 5-6 pieces without bread. It was her favorite sausage. Her husband always used to buy it. She remembered her husband—how caring he was, how he loved her. When he was gone, the son didn’t pay attention to his mother, resulting in taking away all her savings and kicking her out.

Now she lives on the street. She slowly bit into the sausage, swallowing tears. “Grandma, why are you crying? What happened? Do you need anything else?” asked the young man. The grandmother told her story. He silently listened, then offered to take the grandma into his car and drive her to his home. In turn, he shared that he grew up in an orphanage and has no relatives; he always dreamed of having a grandmother who would bake pies for him and prepare breakfast in the morning.

“You will be my grandmother, and we will live together.” In the morning, the kitchen was filled with the delicious smell of freshly baked pastries. The grandmother poured tea and placed a plate of treats on the table. He looked at the grandmother with gratitude and said, “I dreamed of this all my life.”

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