A Famous Actress Is 89: What Does The Star Who “Slept With Two Prime Ministers” Looks Like Now?

At 89, Shirley MacLaine remains an unstoppable force in Hollywood, showing no signs of slowing down. Despite her gracious age, the Academy Award-winning actress is often spotted enjoying Martinis while dining out, embracing life to the fullest.

With a career spanning seven decades, Shirley, the star of “Steel Magnolias,” has witnessed and contributed to the rich tapestry of Hollywood.

Her life stories are truly unparalleled, making her a living legend among her contemporaries.

Born on April 24, 1934, Shirley embarked on her illustrious career on Broadway in New York before captivating global audiences with her performance in Alfred Hitchcock’s black comedy “The Trouble with Harry” in 1955. Her filmography boasts iconic titles like “The Apartment,” “Two Mules For Sister Sara,” and “Guarding Tess.”

In 1989, her memorable role in “Steel Magnolias” added another layer to her illustrious career. In contrast to her on-screen character, Shirley, in real life, is far from short-tempered. As she expressed in 2019, she believes attitudes are a choice, emphasizing the importance of choosing peace over anger.

According to Shirley, her life today is “perfect.” She relishes the freedom to eat and sleep whenever she wants, spending a significant amount of time on her New Mexico ranch surrounded by her beloved rat terriers.

Despite residing in Malibu, she finds solace and strength in the wilderness around her ranch.

Shirley’s love life has been a subject of speculation. Married to producer Steve Parker for almost 30 years, they had a daughter in 1956. However, her daughter, Sachi Parker, made claims in a memoir that Steve was not her real father, alleging an astronaut named Paul as her biological father. Shirley denied these claims, expressing shock and heartbreak.

Shirley’s unconventional views on relationships and sexuality have also made headlines. In a 2011 interview, she discussed her relationship with ex-husband Steve Parker. Notably, in 2012, she claimed to have had relations with two prime ministers, Pierre Trudeau and Andrew Peacock, and had a three-year affair with Robert Mitchum.

Despite controversies, Shirley’s talent and charisma remain timeless. With over 50 films to her name, she continues to pursue her passion for acting. Recently seen in the television series “Only Murders in the Building,” she hinted that she’s not done with the silver screen, expressing love for making movies and the creativity it entails

As Shirley MacLaine, a true gem of Hollywood, continues to inspire us at 89, we hope her passion for acting and love for life endure for many more years to come.

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