13-year-old uses slingshot to stop man from kidnapping 8-year-old sister

Owen’s quick thinking and courageous act catapulted him into the spotlight as the latest viral sensation in the US. Describing the incident, Owen explained how he paused his video game upon hearing his sister’s distress and witnessed a stranger attempting to abduct her.

“I’m like freaking out,” Owen recalled.

With no time to spare, Owen reached for his slingshot, loaded a marble and a rock, and fired them at the assailant. His accurate shots struck the 17-year-old attacker in the head and chest, allowing his sister to escape and seek refuge inside their home. The assailant fled into the woods but was later apprehended by police, sustaining injuries consistent with being hit by projectiles from a slingshot.

The arrested individual faces charges of attempted kidnapping, among other crimes. Owen’s father, Andrew Burns, commended his son’s marksmanship, revealing Owen’s proficiency with foam projectile and BB guns from an early age.

“He’s a good shot – he always has been,” Andrew Burns said.

Lieutenant John Grimshaw of the Michigan State Police praised Owen’s quick reflexes and precision, suggesting that his actions likely prevented a far worse outcome for his sister. In a joint interview with CNN, Owen expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from his neighbors in Alpena.

“I’m grateful for all of that but you don’t have to give me all the stuff for no reason,” Owen said. “I know I did something right, but it’s just me.”

Despite the attention and praise, Owen remains humble, saying that he acted out of instinct to protect his sister. His bravery serves as an inspiration to us all!

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