12 years ago she became famous as the hairiest girl in the world, but after marriage she is unrecognizable

People with special appearance have a difficult time, especially in childhood. The attacks of children and the sarcastic grins of adults can break a person, but in some cases they only make him stronger and strengthen his character. On August 5, 1999, a very unusual girl was born in Thailand. In the Sasufan family, a woman named Sompon gave birth to Supatra, who caused shock and misunderstanding among her parents.

The fact is that the baby was born with a very rare congenital disease – Ambras syndrome. The disease is expressed in increased hairiness. The supatra was completely covered with hairs, with the exception of the palms and soles of the feet. There was even hair on the girl’s face! Doctors in Thailand have never seen anything like this, which is not surprising. In the entire history of medical observations, no more than 50 cases of a rare disease have been reported!

The girl underwent surgery immediately after birth to widen her nostrils. For the first three months, the baby was in an incubator. At first, the doctors did not want to let the mother leave the hospital; they were afraid that the woman would abandon the child. Of course, Sompong was shocked by how her daughter looked, but she had no intention of leaving the girl. After all, the baby is not to blame for the spontaneous mutation of genes that led to the appearance of such an unusual appearance.

Supatra, whom others called Natty, grew up in a loving family that accepted her characteristics. This allowed the girl herself to relate more easily to increased hairiness. Of course, the child was bullied by his peers, because children can be very angry, especially towards those who are different from them. Supatra was called “monkey face” and was insulted and teased. Natty did not understand this attitude towards her, because she considered herself quite ordinary.

Well, except that she had more hair on her body, that’s all. Moreover, her problem could not be solved, what could she do except accept herself? After all, thick hair could not be removed with a laser; after the procedure, it became even thicker. Natty tried to live an ordinary life, not paying attention to the name calling. She played with children, watched cartoons, danced, sang, and studied well. Teachers described Supatra as a diligent student with good grades; her favorite subject was mathematics, in which the girl always received straight A’s.

The parents completely accepted their child, they were not ashamed of the girl, they always took her with them. Supatra also felt normal. Over time, Natty’s self-confidence and character allowed her to achieve success not only in her studies. Her classmates stopped teasing the girl; her peers wanted to be friends with her and communicate with her. One event that occurred in 2011 contributed to the success among children. The fact is that the Guinness Book of Records recognized Supatra as the hairiest teenager in the world! How do you think she reacted? This is what Natty said to this: “Hairy makes me special. This is the happiest day of my life.”

The children finally stopped teasing the girl, because Supatra received the title, she was officially recognized as truly unique! This is how the childhood of the hairiest girl in the world passed. But what about her now? After all, Supatra is already 24 years old. The girl, who since childhood dreamed of becoming a doctor in order to cure herself, realized that medicine was powerless in her case. So Nattie decided to start shaving her facial hair to look more aesthetically pleasing. And this helped Supatra become truly happy!

After all, in the end, Natty was able to find love! The girl is already married! She says that love began with friendship, which grew into real feelings! Supatra admits that she did not expect to experience something like this. For the sake of her beloved, Natty is ready to constantly shave her face, because she truly loves him and wants to be attractive to her man.

Supatra has gone from a girl who is teased by her classmates for her appearance to a married woman who is completely happy in her marriage. In this she was invariably supported by her parents, who loved their child and did not consider his unusual appearance ugly. Every person can become happy, no matter what. Unusual appearance is not at all an obstacle to love, friendship and simply a joyful, fulfilling life!

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